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This blog was created as a show case for my portrait work in pastels. It is also designed to give you more information about how to order a pastel.
After a short selection of my work you can find out about original sizes, framing services, prices, delivery and payment facilities as well as details about how to provide your own photograph.
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comparing with photographs

A pastel portrait is not just a copy of the photograph but a unique and personal portrayal of the subject.
It has warmth and character that goes beyond that which can be captured in a photograph

Mount boards and framing service

All mount boards are acid free and will not fade with time.
All sizes are given in centimetres.

Unframed pastel:
Pastel size:
30cm x 38cm
Overall size: 
41cm x 51cm 

Standard frame:
Pastel size:
30cm x 38cm
Overall size:
43cm x 53cm
Smaller frame:
(Pastel is the same size but
showing less
Overall size:
35cm x 46cm

                      Classic frame (laminated wood effect)
(Frames are subject to availability and an alternative frame will be offered to you if out of stock


Prices and delivery

Standard size (unframed with mount)....£230

Framing service 
(any frame/any size)........................£20

Delivery within the UK (by courier) is.....FREE
Delivery to EU countries (by courier) is... £25

The current delivery time (after receiving payment) is currently 10 to 15 days

Supplying a photograph

A good quality photograph (clear and sharp) that captures the character of the subject is essential for a perfect result.
Photographs taken from mobile phones are generally not good enough unless a minimum of 4 to 5 mega-pixel camera is used. The higher the better of course and
most modern digital cameras provide an even better definition which is ideal.

I would strongly recommend providing (if possible) more than one photograph as it gives a better understanding of the personality of the subject as well as the colour scheme.
If you are not sure which one to choose I would be happy to advise you (sometimes a not so obvious lighting of the subject or a contre-jour can provide a great opportunity to enhance the quality of a picture at its best).

Avoid using flash photography
Casuals, off guard photos often make more interesting portraits than posed shots.
The chosen subject can also be selected from a bigger scene (group etc) as long as when isolated it keeps its high quality definition.
Backgrounds are of no importance.



What next? Payment and process

- If you would like  to commission a portrait, you can email me your photographs (remember to keep them with the maximum definition) together with your choice of size and frame (if required) etc.
(Photos can also be sent on a CD or on a stick through the post. Also not ideal, original prints -12cm x 17cm minimum- can be supplied and posted to me, these will be returned with the final portrait.)
- I will then look at the photos and confirm that what you have selected is suitable or advise you otherwise.
-The background is left to the appreciation of the artist as each pastels presents a different challenge. In some special cases, like profiles, the artist might choose not to use any background and this can be discussed with you.
- Once we are both happy with the choice and quality of the photo, a £100 deposit is due before I start working (the remaining balance to be paid on delivery)
Payment can be made by cheque or through Paypal.(please note you do not need to have a Paypal account)
-Delivery time is usually 10 to 14 days after the first  payment has been received.
(This deadline can be subject to change depending how busy I am. you can check the current delivery time in the "prices and delivery" section).

-I am looking forward to producing a stunning picture for you to treasure!  


Telephone: (01323)726 481

All photographs and communications to be send to the following email address: philippe@dupasquier.co.uk

Payment to be made through PayPal using the following address:
(please note this address is different from above)